Gumbo Cookoff


Gumbo Cookoff has been cancelled due to Health Dept. Regulations. ( Too many hoops and hurdles to jump thru and over)

Food will be available at event.


Pre registration is $50 available until April 1, 2021.

Download the Jumbo Gumbo Team Registration Form here if you would prefer to mail us your payment. 

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Bullard Masonic Lodge #785

Jumbo Gumbo Cookoff Official Rules

Violations of any of the below listed rules is grounds for immediate disqualification.A disqualified team will be asked to leave and entry fee will not be refunded.

1. All gumbo must be prepared onsite the day of the cookoff. No precooked or precut
ingredients will be allowed. Exceptions: Sausage may be precooked but not sliced. Okra
may be frozen and precut. Pasta may be prepackaged but uncooked.
2. Roux must be prepared onsite. No prepackaged roux.
3. In an effort to maintain the integrity of individual recipe’s, contestants may bring
seasonings in nondescript containers.
4. Entries will consist of teams not to exceed 4 members and shall have a designated team
5. Each team will be responsible for bringing everything needed to prepare their ingredients
and cook their gumbo. This is to include a table or tables, gas cooktop, coolers, etc.…
6. NO open fires will be allowed.
7. Serving cups and spoons will be provided by Bullard Lodge.
8. Each entry must prepare a minimum of 3 gallons of cooked gumbo.
9. Each team must provide rice or pasta to accompany gumbo.
10.Team Captains will be responsible for overseeing all preparations and cooking. They will
be responsible for keeping their area clean and sanitary at all times and disposing of
trash. Captains will be responsible for preparing the team entry to the judges.
11.Teams will have 6 hours to compete beginning at 8:00 AM. Entries must be presented for
judging at 2:00 PM.
12.Judge’s decisions are final. No exceptions.
13.Teams will have their areas cleaned and packed up no later than 5:00 PM.
14.Winners will be announced and awards presented at 5:30 PM.



Gumbo will be judged on the following:

• Appearance • Consistency • Doneness and flavor of rice or pasta • Flavor of Gumbo